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Saturday - 24th November 2018

Cre8tive Entertainment & Bemis Scotland present IMAS 2018
The Year of Young People

Providing under-represented musicians the platform to showcase their artistry whilst highlighting their social awareness contributions.

Why we do it

A small team, all members of whom all living in Scotland for over 10 years, we noticed the music scene – despite all the talent and budding hopefuls was not thriving, at least not publicly. Being lovers of music and the culture from the DJ to the dancer and every creative in-between, we set out a challenge to change all this.

With many large scale award shows visiting the home we call Glasgow, we felt many of the acts both local and international are under-represented here in Scotland. That’s where Infinitime Music Awards (IMAs) was born, the brainchild of the label Infinitime Music Group (IMG). We felt it necessary to recognize the efforts of those around us that go unnoticed year by year.

Giving you, the real people a chance to decide who should get on a platform and showcase talent, abilities and social contributions.

After a more than successful 2017 event with many entries from across the contry, we’re back! The Infinitime Music Awards… connect, inspire earn that trophy and make your mark!

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